As most of you are aware, August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month, and this year, we are launching a #RealGP campaign to help highlight some of the issues in our community.

The #RealGP campaign seeks to dispel common myths surrounding Gastroparesis and illustrate the true physical, mental/emotional, and financial impact of this illness upon patients and their loved ones.

To make this effort a success, we will need your help! Your contributions can take several forms:
  • Photos depicting your GP reality
  • Statements and memes contrasting common myths (such as all GP patients are thin) with your personal experience
  • Stories of struggle with issues most people do not see (making the “invisible,” visible, in other words)
  • Discussion of the mental/emotional aspects of this illness which are rarely (or poorly) addressed
  • Examples of financial hardships — insurance, medical care, prescription costs, lack of employment, difficulty establishing disability, etc.
The manner and subject of your participation are only limited by your imagination, and this list is not exhaustive. You may comment here or send ideas and projects by emailing us at campaigns@curegp.org.
Please be creative and help us make an impact for our GP community!
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