Ashley Daniel

So my experience with step therapy is very madning for me. There is only 1 FDA approved medication for Gastroparesis Reglan. So the doctor naturally prescribed it. What choice does she have right? I call to get the status and a prior authorization is need. Why would one be need for the only med approved. So after a few weeks of the dr submitting paper work they say we need to try something else? What? So we ask what are they recommending? We check erythromycin. But they required a prior auth with that one too. That was also rejected stating to try another medication. I paid out of pocked at wal mart for 4 bucks for reglan that comes with a balck label because of the high rick of side effects. Which after a few months i developed. I paid out of pocked the whole time. So at my next appointment we switch to erythromycin because we followed protocol. Its been two weeks and i still have not got my medication because they dont want to approve it. Its almost 200 bucks out of pocket. I can’t afford that. What options do i have? I spent every day for two weeks on the phone following up. Missing what little work i have because i am sick. This process is a joke and has made me not want anymore medical treatment. Change this now. It is inhuman treatment and honestly torture by paperwork and red tape.

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