I miss my old life

What is my daily life like living with gastroparesis?

I wake up usually in pain ..Its like being stabbed in my stomach ..I’m always weak from Malnutrition issues..I drink my breakfast which is a nutritious shake..if I don’t vomit I have burps with an after taste. I feel like I ate a bowling ball for hours the pain never goes away these days. My back is messed up because the way I sit leaning forward because sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t sit straight up..by noon I’m vomiting and if I try not to vomit, it comes out with a burp..I sometimes take bites of food and chew it up and spit it out just so I can taste the food, I don’t realize I do it..I am the strongest person I know but sometimes break down and cry because I miss my old life -I miss food and I miss just being able to go places without fear of vomiting ..I go weeks without leaving my house or putting on outside clothes..I don’t feel like I’m living anymore I’m just existing..I’m so isolated and prideless..

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