Kristine Bishop

I was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis and slow motility in March of 2015. After traveling to doctor, after doctor, some even out of state, not one doctor did anything to find the cause for my pain, my weight loss, my malnutrition or any other symptom I had.

By July of 2017 I had been so overdosed on laxatives by Gastrointeroligists, at 93 pounds I had to have a total abdominal colectomy, as my colon no longer worked on its own.

By July of 2018, I weighed 88 pounds, could barely eat, denied by Medicare life sustaining treatments my doctors requested and was put on Palliative Care.
Today I have permanent vision damage, hair loss, malabsorption, malnutrition, decaying teeth from this disease. I live in Branson, Missouri and we don’t even have a Gastrointeroligist in our Hospital!

I’m a 53 year old woman and I’m simply in awe of our terrible healthcare system. I’ve written to my representatives in Missouri several times asking for them to Co Sponsor this bill H.R. 3396. I’ve heard back from Chris Weiss from Josh Hawleys office! Our community is starving to death, begging for research, dignified healthcare treatment and help to find a cure. Our Gastroparesis Community have lost so many lives it’s frightening.

We have pleaded with our Representatives and have got very minimal traction from Congress. I sometimes wonder if they had a family member, a child or someone close to them that they watched deteriorate if some of our elected officials would put this on speed track to the Senate.
We NEED this bill to move forward and have it passed from Congress to the Senate.

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