Robyn Herskowitz

I’m writing this in hopes to help bring awareness and hopefully a cure to a horrible disease called gastroparesis. My beautiful daughter,Marni, suffered from GP for almost 10 years before she passed away from the complications it causes. Having GP is worse than having the flu each and every day of your life. My daughter was one of many that could not eat or drink and was TPN dependent. She had a G tube, a J tube and a central line. Her medication (that really didn’t help that much) went through her tubes since she couldn’t take them orally and she suffered from malabsorption. She was on TPN 24 hours a day every day which ran through her central line. There is no cure! She fought sepsis 6 times and survived… what a fighter and strong warrior. She passed away March 22, 2017; from complications… sepsis, her heart just gave up and malnutrition.

I’m writing this because too many have died at such a young age (my daughter was 32) and the medical community needs to find a cure and society needs to help spread awareness.

Fly high my sweet angel…

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