Severe waves of nausea

What is my daily life like living with gastroparesis?

I’m on disability at the age of 36. Couldn’t even get regular SSDI because I never accrued enough work credits. I’m sick everyday to some point & degree. I live with my parents now and my Mom is my caregiver. I live in constant pain to a degree in the belly just from all the surgeries I’ve had due to GP and Crohns. Some days are worse, some days I must wear diapers to keep from going on myself. I eat like a grazer. I munch on a few bites here and there. Even the good days I still mostly graze. I get severe waves of nausea some days and some days I just can’t get anything down. I deal with nausea, bloating, and fatigue every single day. I developed multiple other conditions due to my GP and Crohns and daily life is hard dealing with all of this. I never get hungry anymore because my brain basically forgot that my body needs food to survive. Life with GP is difficult, but some days are much better than others, that’s my daily life.

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