Gastroparesis 2023 Awareness Campaign – #GPFullLife4Me

Every year, Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change supports Gastroparesis awareness by engaging in a themed campaign designed to highlight the issues, needs, and goals of our community. This year’s theme is #GPFullLife4Me.

As part of this effort, I would like to collect personal letters demonstrating what you would like doctors, researchers, legislators, policymakers, the media, and/or family and friends to know about what a “full life” means to you, the daily challenges GP presents, and how others can help you live a meaningful and purposeful life.  Let others know the burdens you face as well as what actions they might take to assist you in reaching your goals.  This is your chance to speak! The objective is to help the outside world understand that this is more than a tummy ache. They need to see the true effects of GP on your life — physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual — and they need to know what measures and actions you believe would help.

Your submissions may be addressed to a personal recipient (such as “Dear Mom” or “Dear Doctor”) or they may be general in nature (such as “Dear Family,” “Dear Medical Community,” or “To All”).  You may sign it with your full name, first name only, or anonymously.  

To submit, please share your entries in the form below. While we require basic contact information on the form, you can specify how you would like to sign your letter (name or anonymous). We will only share what you wish to be shared.  Please note that these letters, in part or in whole, will be made public on our website and on various social media sites as part of our Gastroparesis Awareness Month 2023 campaign, so you must agree to this when you submit the form. 

Collection will be ongoing, so there is no set deadline… but the earlier, the better, as I will need to prepare graphics and other materials by August 1, 2023.

Thank you so much for your help!

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