PEG-J Which Is Used For Medication And Draining Only

Sarah Bowker
Sarah Bowker

💚 Hi I’m Sarah and I’m 35. I live in the UK. I became ill in 2013 and was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2015. I have a PEGJ which is used for medication and draining only, as unfortunately I failed on the enteral feed and I am fed by tpn via my broviac line. Unfortunately I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for a pace maker, due to the Gastroparesis effecting my bowel also. As well as GP I also have a number of other chronic illnesses which also makes it hard to deal with. It has and is an emotional battle and I have my ups and downs. In and out of hospital with long admissions. But it has made me stronger and I won’t give up and let this or should I say these illnesses win! 
# Gastroparesis Warrior 💚💚💚

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I Have Suffered From Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Eshanya Walls

I was diagnosed 1 year and 5 months ago but believe my GP started developing 3 months prior to diagnosis. 

I have suffered from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome for over 25 years. 

I thought for sure with the GP diagnosis I would finally be heard and get some treatment and attention to my gut health. 

Although, CVS is rare and I never received adequate treatment I had well phases. With GP I found I was more isolated and basically left for dead. 

I have many diagnosis but I truly believe once my GI system went out everything was set off and flared. 

I am here to be heard and fight with the best. 

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I Had Chicken Pox During My 15th Week Of Pregnancy

Holly Marenic was born 6/12/96 and she died 5/8/17. Holly’s story actually begins before 6/12/96. 

I had chicken pox during my 15th week of pregnancy, giving Holly the chicken pox at 16 weeks gestation, during the time her brain stem was developing. The varicella virus attacked and damaged her brain stem and the Vagus nerve was damaged. This is important to know because we now know that trauma/damage to the Vagus nerve is one of the onsets of Gastroparesis.

Holly suffered with GI issues her whole life, most of which were unexplainable. Sharp shooting pains, unable to tolerate her feedings, vomiting and nausea, constipation or diarrhea. She had emergency surgery Christmas Eve of 2003 for an interception. She was on TPN three different times due to her in tolerance of her feedings. The damage to Holly’s Vagus nerve also caused issues
with her ability to swallow. So the almost constant vomiting caused chronic aspiration pneumonias.


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Most ERs We Have Been To Do Not Even Know What GP Is

First off, seems like most ERs we have been to do not even know what GP is.

2nd off, seems like if you are vomiting worse than usual, lethargic, or can’t even hold down water and you know it’s not your GP acting up, the ER will automatically brush every symptom as ITS JUST GP and not do anything. 


Seems like every ER is afraid to touch a child that has GP. Seems like many do not even know what safe meds are and aren’t for GP. (My son was given meds for a virus the other day meanwhile his GI said it was one of the worst meds they can give GP person)

I was told by a doctor that i must have been doing drugs when I was pregnant because that is the only reason my son must have GP and rely on a feeding tube to survive. 

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Faces of Feeding Tube Warriors

Throughout the weekend I have been making another awareness video

This one is to show the faces of the feeding tube warriors.

  Please show your support 🙏💚

These people are fighting for there life daily please hit like, give the video a thumbs up on YouTube and hit subscribe to see all my other awareness videos.


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Thanks so much, Bec Mellett 

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