PEG-J Which Is Used For Medication And Draining Only

Sarah Bowker
Sarah Bowker

💚 Hi I’m Sarah and I’m 35. I live in the UK. I became ill in 2013 and was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2015. I have a PEGJ which is used for medication and draining only, as unfortunately I failed on the enteral feed and I am fed by tpn via my broviac line. Unfortunately I’ve been told I’m not a candidate for a pace maker, due to the Gastroparesis effecting my bowel also. As well as GP I also have a number of other chronic illnesses which also makes it hard to deal with. It has and is an emotional battle and I have my ups and downs. In and out of hospital with long admissions. But it has made me stronger and I won’t give up and let this or should I say these illnesses win! 
# Gastroparesis Warrior 💚💚💚

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Fighting GP Over 10 Years

Dawn K.

Pic is from a few months ago on a string of okay days! LOL
Fighting GP over 10 yrs. Been seen in Philly, Mayo Clinic in MN
& Hershey. Currently symptom management by a local GI, who I
love right now! Wish he could help with more than just GI. My
management includes: IV home meds, currently via Broviac
central line. Past 2 medi-ports gone due to infections. IV meds
include: Zofran Q 6hr alternating with Benadryl & Phenergan Q
6hr and IVF prn.

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