Gastritis And Chronic Slow Transit

Victoria Holland

I suffer with severe gastritis. I am on a very strong stomach tablet and 3 sickness tablets a day. My stomach is red raw
and has scars from where its been bleeding. I was told from the stomach samples took, it is severely burned.

I have tried all stomach tablets but my condition keeps getting worse. Anemia I have bad from bleeding in the stomach and bowel. I also have a chronic slow transit and my bowel stopped working too. Had major surgery 4 years ago, going in soon for another major bowel surgery.

Feeling sick no matter if I eat or don’t eat 24/7. I was told my stomach was covered in a thick cream looking. They asked had I been eating or took my pills before it, no. They told me after it is because my stomach is so severely burned and a nasty form of gastritis.

I have had a lot of different health problems and doctors have learned from me lots of things they didn’t before. Like they say I can never have something normal, it’s new to them or I have 3 problems going on at the same time. In all I live with 50 chronic and complex health problems. Admin on Facebook as well.

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