Having A Baby With Gastroparesis

Sara Nesti

My story is different but this time I hope to help some people. I had many problems with my stomach and after many times that I had nasogastric tube, I had my surgery Iatoplastic and fundoplication.

I had a baby but for me, having a baby is dangerous! In fact when my son was born, I had an intestinal infection that made me near death. I again had to have a nasogastric tube and I was in the hospital for a month. I want another baby despite all the difficulties because I don’t give up. After the birth of my son and having all the problems, I’m here! I’m a survivor and I want to help other people.

This picture for me means a lot. It’s a picture with my son when I was in the hospital when he was born. This is my different story but i want to help all people that have and had digestive desease as me because nobody is alone.

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