Not A Textbook Case

I was run over by a tractor when i was five years old, don’t
remember the accident and don’t remember most of my
childhood. I did receive a TBI and was told my organs shifted. My mom was told I would have problems but they didn’t know what they would be.

I have gone back and forth to many doctors and specialists and have heard your too complicated, thats not my field, i can’t treat you, stuff like that, oh and its all in your head! 

Finally after many years found Stanford and my specialists there are finally putting the pieces together.


So far i have been diagnosed with GP, POTS, TBI, methane predominant SIBO, Mitril valve prolapse, RP, skin cancer, b-12
difficiancy , bladder and colon dont work, being tested for Wilsons, CF and hashimoto. I am so thankful Stanford listened to
me and didnt just write me off. 

I know my body and even though I’m not a textbook case it really makes me upset that doctor’s who took an oath to help people and when you go to the doctor you are supposed to walk out feeling better not worse.

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