Sarah Landes

Sarah Landes

I have been living with GP since 2000  when I was first diagnosed. I have been living with stomach pain that is sometimes left with no answers as to why. I’ve been told I can’t get pain control because it slows the GI system more. 

I have had a bunch of failed surgeries. First they did a pyloroplasty, didn’t help. Was on tube feeds which I failed numerous times at. Then a few years later they did a partial gastrectomy which has made me worse. Also had a laparotomy with j tube take down because of too many tube issues, the tract pulled away from the jejunum and abdominal wall.  I am now TPN dependent which has landed me in the hospital with sepsis multiple times!

Imagine having the stomach bug every day for the rest of your life, not being able to enjoy food cause it either causes pain or vomiting. Drs. tell us we are too complex and then send us to a Dr. that’s supposed to specialize and then they also say we don’t know what else to do. Having to fight to get the orders signed. People are dying from GP . They are starving to death, or getting dehydrated or passing from complications all because we’re afraid to seek medical treatment because of the way we get treated. Dear doctor please realize we are human beings. Show some compassion and have a good bedside manner, and stop shaming us for being sick. A lot of times we know our bodies better than you! Stop making us fight for proper treatments and leaving us to die a slow hard grueling death. 

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