Benita (Bennie) Price

My story began about 8 years ago. I was overweight 185 and feeling sick. I got onto a serious health kick lost a few pounds but in the process I kept getting sicker. Who knew that the fruits and vegetables I was eating were making me sicker. Having gastroparesis is like losing your identity. Trying to explain to people that don’t understand how I can not eat certain things. Anxiety is higher than I could ever imagine. When family wants to go eat and all I can do is pray that I don’t throw up. I feel isolated from my family,friends myself. When the doctor is saying let’s keep trying and I just don’t care no more. What keeps me going is my family and close friends. Feeling tired cause you don’t have the nourishment to keep you going. And seeing my mom cry when told her there is no cure, . Praying every day that I can eat to live my life.

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