Good days we grab, and bad days we somehow get through

What is my daily life like living with gastroparesis?

My daughter has GP (now changed to global dysmotility). Some days she does OK, and we might do something. Whatever the something is, it will wear her out. Other days she is bloated and distended, in pain, beyond tired has a headache. Friends her own age are few and far between. She is lonely. The family tries there best, making sure to spend time with her throughout the day. Lots of discussions about feeling like she is a burden. We love her so much she could never be a burden. But our love is not enough to change the amount of grief we all feel. She smiles and tries to do her best. But Moms can tell when it a real smile and a smile that is an attempt to cover-up how rotten she really feels. Each day we face our fears and do our best. Good days we grab, and bad days we somehow get through.

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