I feel more like a burden as days pass

What is my daily life like living with gastroparesis?

For me it is as if I lost all control of my life. I can’t even call it living, it is more like war. Constant pain, nausea, and vomiting. NPO and TPN dependent for 7 years come October. I didn’t only lose the ability to eat, but my life has been robbed of so much more. My husband suffers, my daughters, parents and brothers. They watch me struggle and fight day in and day out. All the while I feel more like a burden as days pass. We need the ill informed to become educated. Not only is our illness rare and difficult it is also forgotten. We need more funding, we need research, we need compassion and understanding. If it weren’t for our support systems at home or our social media support systems, as patients we truly would be lost. We need a cure. ??

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