Karen Lewis

About 10 years ago, Gastroparesis began affecting my sisters life. As a wife, mother and teacher, her life has been changed in every way. I cannot even begin to describe her journey, but she sure can. She can name every medicine, procedure, complication, and more of her own personal experience because she has traveled the journey. She has been through ports and pic lines and now they say they can’t do anymore ports and they cannot do anymore picc lines to provide hydration and nutrition. That was about a week ago. It just seems like with all we are able to do in this world, we should be able to deliver nutrition and hydration through the skin or in a way that dissolves on the tongue, There is just so much that needs to be understood with Gastroparesis. My sister is not getting enough hydration and nutrients. I think the last count was around 400 for the day, maybe? This is unnecessary. We create so much in the world. Why have we not created a way for people to not starve. We need immediate sourcing for something that can sustain. We need to know more about this disease and how to cure it. So many have lost lives to this disease mainly from starvation. I’ve seen photos of babies with feeding tubes. I’ve seen my sister’s post of people who have passed on. These are all people, no different than us, who one day woke up and their health began to change of no known reason. Please help find a cure. Please pass HR 3396 and find a cure! PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH TRISHA BUNDY in the top right-hand picture for more information about her personal journey. Her email is bundytr5@gmail.com .. Thank you!

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