Monica Slaughter

I would like this bill to be supported because like many others, my life matters. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children that is part of our future. I was making my way towards teaching our future and after waking one night extremely ill, it was all taken away from me, my children, and those who I was looking forward to teaching. I am a loving caring person, who goes out of the way to support and help within my community. Due to the lack of education, treatments, and possible cures, I have been thrown from one doctor to the next. No real assistance in managing this condition, let alone thriving with it. The weakness, extreme weight loss, malnutrition, pain within the digestive tract, constant nausea…all makes for a poor quality of life. There needs to be more education to medical personnel, and compassion for the patients, and to understand, no one wants to be sitting in their office or Emergency department. Being labeled as attention seeking or drug seeking. I have been treated as just that when barely able to walk, let alone hold my head up from dehydration and lack of nutrition for an extended period of time. Not just a day or two, but months! There needs to be help, resources, further education on this condition, and a cure! My life matters! My children needs their Mother back! The youth of today needs an educator back!

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