Living & Thriving with GP

I was diagnosed with GP in 2011 after inexplicably starting to lose weight my senior year of college in Washington, D.C.. Then, after returning home in Arizona, I started to get sick. After a year of testing with my Primary at the time, she finally said, “the last thing we can try is a GES and if that doesn’t show something, I don’t know what else we can do.” Luckily, the GES gave me my diagnosis and started down a long journey of multiple medications, many that made me sick and added further symptoms, but at least I was able to have an answer to what was causing my symptoms. I went from 180 lbs. down to 130 lbs. at the worst – ranging from being ok most of the time to being excruciatingly nauseous every day.

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I Am 32 And Have Idiopathic Gastroparesis

Jessica Poole

Hello 💚 I’m Jessica Poole from San Antonio TX. I am 32 years old & I have Idiopathic GP. I was diagnosed in July of 2016. I currently feel I have somewhat of a balance & as much control as I could possibly have of my GP. I take several meds daily to help that balance. I struggle to stay hydrated & manage my nausea & fatigue. I have an amazing support system, my husband & 3 great kiddos.

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My Daughter Passed Away From Gastroparesis

Robin H’s Daughter Marni

My daughter, Marni, passed away from GP March 22, 2017. I am forever heartbroken. She was diagnosed with GP 7 years before. She was on TPN 24/7 with home health.

We would go to the ER when the pain was intolerable and they always thought she was looking for drugs. She beat sepsis 5 times… only when she was septic would ER take her seriously.

All doctors and hospitals need more education regarding GP and need to take warriors seriously.

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