Gastroparesis Warrior Shirt Contest

In honor of Gastroparesis Awareness Month, we gave away one of our #WarOnGP gastroparesis warrior shirts.

We want to thank all of you who entered by submitting how you fight gastroparesis!  Your advocacy is greatly appreciated!

Congratulations to Mackenzie, an 11 year old warrior who won a t-shirt and to our finalists who all won a set of our dog tags!

Here are the excerpts from the finalists!

Mackenzie (age 11): I fight gastroparesis by taking the medications my doctor gives me everyday even when I don't want to. I fight it by trying to make healthy choices. I also fight it by trying to teach people about what it is and how we need a cure. I teach my friends about it too because sometimes I am really sick but they can't see it. We should try and love each other and be kind to each other because just like me someone could be sick or having a problem and just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real.
Mackenzie (submitted by Cherylann Cronin)
I fight Gastroparesis by teaching others who may have never heard of it before. I believe the more people know about this disease, the more awareness and advocacy we bring, the more funding it will bring to help find a cure. I spread awareness about this disease and that's how I fight Gastroparesis. Awareness brings advocacy, which in turn bring change, POSITIVE change! One day there will be no more need for a green candle, and it all starts at awareness!
Camilla Szelazek
I fight daily as does everyone. I wear my shirts, dog tags, bracelets, and bag every time I go out. People are more open to and ask about my Issues if I wear my shirts. Facebook has been a life saver for me to learn I'm not alone!
Robin Noecker
I fight GP by proactively staying in contact with others with GP and sharing my thoughts and feelings about how I'm physically and emotionally feeling. I participate in GP communities and help others by listening to them and responding to their posts, and by letting them know they are not alone. I also stay in close contact with my GI doctor and share posts about GP that I find will be beneficial to my family and friends so that they will better understand what it is that I have to go through.
Shannon Jenkins
I love sharing on Facebook in the groups and finding out there are others close to my hometown that I can chat with, laugh with, cry with, and share stories together. I will be in green everyday of August with my new dog tags from Cure GP! I want the world to know that there are others that care.
Jeanne Looze
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