On disability at 28

Stephanie Young

So a little over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Before that I kept getting told it was acid reflux or effects from having my gallbladder removed. After I got the diagnosis we tried erythromycin and diet changes. This worked for about a month until I went into a horrible flare and lost 40lbs in 6 weeks. When this happened my hometown gi decided to drop me and referred me to a digestive disorders dr. I had to wait 6 months to see him so during this time I had no help since my original gi refused to see me. I was originally going to get the gastric pacemaker from my new dr and even went through testing but Then he retired unexpectedly so I was sent to another dr in the same Practice. During this time I was throwing up almost everyday and constantly nauseous and with stomach pain. My new dr then tried me on multiple new meds lots of trial and error with no help as I react weird to a lot of meds. I ended up having to leave my job and got on disability which was really hard for me to do at 28. At this moment I feel stuck. I’m on no meds besides zofran and bentyl as needed. My safe foods change constantly and every time I go to the er I get questioned even if I just ask for fluids because I’m young and not diabetic so “I shouldn’t have it”. Which is super frustrating. Hoping one day I will have true healing and not bandaid fixes. I share my story often and try and bring awareness to gastroparesis which has actually helped 3 of my friends on Facebook get a diagnosis quicker. Just hoping for a cure and some relief and not to fear food.

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