Darlene’s Story

Darlene Gorgoretti

October 30, 2006 – Gastric bypass surgery

December 15, 2006 – Admitted to hospital since could not keep
anything down

December 28, 2006 (my birthday) – Vagotomy and had my GJ
feeding tube put in during surgery

April 17, 2007 – had gastric bypass revision

January 11, 2011 – had my gastric bypass reversed

I was in and out the hospital many times during this time – many

November 02, 2012 – Officially diagnosed with GP – at Temple

April 14, 2015 – Went on disability and had to switch insurance –
started to go to Johns Hopkins and have had good care so i still see several doctors

Can’t have the gastric stimulator since i get MRSA anytime something foreign is put in my body

No other surgeries can be done safely since i have a blood clotting disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and after last knee surgery i
went into respiratory failure

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I Have Idiopathic Gastroparesis

Melissa Murdock

I’m Melissa, am 38, and have been diagnosed with GP since March 2017. I believe it all started after I was put on an antibiotic for an ear infection. Within a few days I started having issues. I’ve had 4 failed PICC lines/2 TPN rounds and a failed J Tube. I am waiting for the insurance to approve a bypass surgery to remove about 75% of my stomach. I’m very blessed and married my husband at the end of June (the day after getting a PICC placed). We have a big, busy family, we each have 3 kids (yes that’s 6 total) and are a proud US Navy family. I have horror story after horror story of ER visits/hospital stays but I will continue to fight. For myself, husband and kids ?

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