I Had Chicken Pox During My 15th Week Of Pregnancy

Holly Marenic was born 6/12/96 and she died 5/8/17. Holly’s story actually begins before 6/12/96. 

I had chicken pox during my 15th week of pregnancy, giving Holly the chicken pox at 16 weeks gestation, during the time her brain stem was developing. The varicella virus attacked and damaged her brain stem and the Vagus nerve was damaged. This is important to know because we now know that trauma/damage to the Vagus nerve is one of the onsets of Gastroparesis.

Holly suffered with GI issues her whole life, most of which were unexplainable. Sharp shooting pains, unable to tolerate her feedings, vomiting and nausea, constipation or diarrhea. She had emergency surgery Christmas Eve of 2003 for an interception. She was on TPN three different times due to her in tolerance of her feedings. The damage to Holly’s Vagus nerve also caused issues
with her ability to swallow. So the almost constant vomiting caused chronic aspiration pneumonias.


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I’m Still Here GP

I am Cristin McCraw. I’m 44 years old. I’m a survivor of idiopathic Gastroparesis. I was diagnosed in 2010, and had no idea what a wild ride I was in for! I began having symptoms in 2009, and my PCP Alison H. Nguyen, M.D. , actually came up with the idea of me possibly having idiopathic GP. These symptoms included nausea, vomiting, severe weight loss, malnutrition, abdominal pain, bloating, severe constipation, night sweats, fainting, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and so forth. We can all go on for hours about our symptoms.

At that time, I was working on E2 ICU at Stanford Hospital as an RN. This was my dream job of course. 

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I Have Idiopathic Gastroparesis

Melissa Murdock

I’m Melissa, am 38, and have been diagnosed with GP since March 2017. I believe it all started after I was put on an antibiotic for an ear infection. Within a few days I started having issues. I’ve had 4 failed PICC lines/2 TPN rounds and a failed J Tube. I am waiting for the insurance to approve a bypass surgery to remove about 75% of my stomach. I’m very blessed and married my husband at the end of June (the day after getting a PICC placed). We have a big, busy family, we each have 3 kids (yes that’s 6 total) and are a proud US Navy family. I have horror story after horror story of ER visits/hospital stays but I will continue to fight. For myself, husband and kids 💚

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My Daughter Passed Away From Gastroparesis

Robin H’s Daughter Marni

My daughter, Marni, passed away from GP March 22, 2017. I am forever heartbroken. She was diagnosed with GP 7 years before. She was on TPN 24/7 with home health.

We would go to the ER when the pain was intolerable and they always thought she was looking for drugs. She beat sepsis 5 times… only when she was septic would ER take her seriously.

All doctors and hospitals need more education regarding GP and need to take warriors seriously.

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