Every day is different and unpredictable

What is my daily life like living with gastroparesis?

Every day is different and unpredictable. Today may have been a decent day and I left the house. Tomorrow, I may be puking more times than a drunken 21 year old who rode the tilt-o-whirl a dozen times too many. Today, I may be wishing to see my gray hair days and live as long of a life as possible while tomorrow, I might pray to God that I do not wake up the next morning.

It is organ failure. No other way I can think to describe it to those who have never heard of it. But, we can’t transplant stomachs. We can get rid of them but we can not replace them.

It is something you cannot imagine. No matter what you read from a medical text book or hear from our own mouths …the pain, nausea and changed quality of life with this illness is just… indescribable.

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