Kristine Bishop

Because of the step therapy I have been denied treatment by insurance doctors have requested. I have been denied medications/nutrition requested by doctors, as the doctors first choice of treatment. Therefore, with insurance, I have ended up paying thousands of dollars for medication, nutrition, treatment after following insurances recommendations. Only to have them fail. At 88 pounds, put on Palliative Care, I do believe my doctors and care team know what’s in my best interest over some coder at an insurance company. Our care team, physicians, doctors see us first hand, insurance doesn’t. So when a doctor requests a specific medication it’s in our best interest to have access to the medication rather than what insurance would like to cover. I believe step therapy has been to many people demise because they don’t have the means to afford the medication/treatment their doctors prefer, as well many insurances won’t cover what the patient truly needs to have. Our doctors should have the right to treat, medicate and prescribe what’s in their patients best interest over a coder at an insurance company that knows nothing about us!

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