I Played Professional Roller Derby

Hi, my name is Christy,  I am 43 years old and was diagnosed with GP 2 years ago. I am a mother of four beautiful girls. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, Diastolic Dysfunction and Chronic IBS. 

Because of my illness I battle depression on a daily basis. I have recently gone on long term disability through my employer because it has gotten too difficult  to perform normal daily tasks. I never seem to have enough energy to even do simple things like go to the store. I’m constantly nauseated and if I get out into the summertime heat it worsens. 

First of all it’s difficult being this young to feel like death is knocking at your door. I played professional Roller Derby for 9 1/2 years. I even tried out for team Texas in Austin Texas one year. I also had a license as a CNA, a dialysis tech, an EMT basic and was trained in water rescue and would work as a lifeguard part time during the summer. So you can say I used to stay real active. Now it’s all gone. 

The worst part is there is a surgery that my doctor says might help my symptoms but I cannot get that surgery. Since I am no longer working I cannot afford to get good insurance. I am on a local program to help with my medical until i can qualify for government disability and receive Medicare. Because my Dr. Is the best here to handle my disease i have to pay out of pocket for him because he is not covered under this program. The closest Dr.  he consulted  to perform this surgery is 8 hrs away and I would have to pay out of pocket for him and the surgery as well. 

To top all of that off I can not take the FDA approved meds for my GP due to the risks associated are too high given I have a heart problem.  The meds I am able to get are starting to not work. So daily I alternate Zofran and Phenergan to help with nausea and that also zaps what remaining energy I have out of me. 

Living with this disease is a nightmare. I have more bad days than good. I can only hope and pray that one day they will find a cure, that more Drs. will specialize in this area and that we will be able to get the help we need without taking food from our table. Most of all I hope more people will be made aware of the difficulties associated with GP. Maybe then people will stop telling us to get over it.

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