Severe Gastroparesis

Rosa Rios

Blessings?All..✝️? My Name is Rosa Rios (they call me affectionately ROSSIE) I AM from Puerto Rico Island and I am 50 years old. A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with “SEVERE GASTROPARESIS”, I’ve been with this Horrible DISEASE for a long time. I am currently being referred to the U.S. for a G-POEM Endoscopic Surgery. Since all Treatments have been applied in this DISEASE and do not help me much, Nausea, Vomiting, Pain, It is Horrible, Intestines were Affected. And here as in most countries, medical plans do not cover anything, here on the island there is not even a Gastroenterologist for this disease specifically.! I wanted to tell my story about my process ..!

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