I Continued To Lose Weight

Hi my name is Tiffany Kimsey, here is my story of being diagnosed with GP.

It started back in 2014 when my brother in law noticed I was losing weight like crazy. He said something to my sister. We thought it might be to the change that I went through. In September of 2013 I moved in with them. I continued to lose weight. My PCP decided to check me for diabetes by the grace of god that was negative. In January of 2016 I ended up in the emergency with horrible stomach pains. They couldn’t find anything wrong so they sent me home and told me that if it got worse to come back, so by that weekend I was worse. So back to the emergency room I went, they did find out that my colon was infected so I was put on antibiotics. Buy this time I was still loosing weight. My nurse practitioner told me that she wanted me to get tested for Gastroparsis, so I did. In April of 2017 I got the final diagnosis of GP.

This has not been an easy road for me. In the last five months I ended up having my galblabber removed. I am really blessed that I don’t have it bad. I don’t have any pics of me before the diagnosis to now.

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Nicole’s Story

Hi all ! My name is Nicole and I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2017. I was however having symptoms two years beforehand! Two years ago I randomly fell really sick on holiday in Portugal. One night i vomited everything I had eaten. I lost my appetite for a week, living off practically water. I was at a scary low weight by this point.

My parents took me to a private doctor who told me I had ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ (yes- i was depressed from not being able to eat and the nausea!!!). I was then put on anti depressants and some vitamins. A month later I started to feel a little better, but kept getting random nauseous episodes where I would just feel randomly sick. 

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Carolyn Sue McBane’s Story

My story is a little different than most. I do not have diabetes. In 2000,  I weighed 310 pounds and had gastric bypass surgery, then gall bladder, then colostomy a year later, but thank goodness it was able to be reversed. I did okay for about 5 years and lost 75 pounds but started having abdominal pain. I had every GI test known to man. It was my young internal medical doctor, Shannon Kennedy, MD, who ordered a GES and finally diagnosed me with GP. In the meantime, a huge hernia was discovered, and I had major surgery.

I believe with the last surgery, nerves were severed, so my muscles couldn’t work food out of my stomach!! I am sick every day, dehydrated, pain, nausea and now have to puree food or eat baby food. Next week I see a surgeon about a feeding tube. GP has robbed me of family, friends and self-worth!! I’ve tried 3 meds with no success. There is no cure, only treat symptoms! I do have my dignity. I try to help others with the same disease. I just became a South Carolina Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change coordinator. I’m fighting for a cure in the ways I can, and I will not give up. If I can stay sober 24 years, with God’s help, I can handle almost anything. God bless those who suffer from GP.  What a ride!!

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